Since starting Outside Context, I’ve tried to end each week with a bit of private reflection on what went well, what I learned, challenges and disappointments. As a new year thing I’ve decided to start posting those reflections here as weeknotes, following the example set by Matt Webb and others.

Why do this? Russell Davies described the appeal of weeknotes in a Wired piece:

They seem to have a pattern and rhythm that people like. A few paragraphs about what you’re up to. No need for big insights or revelations, just a bit of sharing and perhaps a moment of reflection. They fit neatly into that globally distributed culture of small creative businesses and people. Individuals and small companies such as these need to share to learn and to find like-minded partners and employees—the Weeknote matches the rhythms of their work, and the blog and RSS are the perfect way to deliver it... The weekly pulse and simple formula unblocks the blocked and gets people writing. The content’s not thrilling—it’s not going to get anyone a book deal. But it’s precisely what you need to hear if you’re doing similar work. It helps to see that other people struggle with deadlines and clients, that big projects can fall apart and still get put back together, that finance is taxing but that this or that software package can help. Above all, it’s nice to realise that everyone else is also just making it up.

There you have it. In my case, unoriginal. Possibly self-indulgent and probably banal. A decade after the cool kids were doing it. But it seems to fit the stage of life I’m at, and the type of work I’m doing.