The project that I mentioned completing last week was announced this week: the acquisition of literary agency bks by cultural PR/comms agency Midas, which I had project-managed from initial discussions through negotiating and structuring the deal to executing the paperwork, working with bks agent James Spackman, Midas chairman George Lossius and their legal advisor.

In preparation for the announcement, and prompted by some practical issues in posting week notes last week, I decided to spend some time overhauling this website. It’s been a while since I’ve done any web development, let alone getting to grips with Jekyll again. But it was a good challenge and reminded me why I like working with websites: it demands a level of precision, but there’s an immediate feedback loop so one can work through issues iteratively. Implementing a basic cookie consent on the site caused a few more grey hairs than it should have–the apparently simple information on Jekyll Codex didn’t work, and I lost several frustrating hours to it until I found Coralie Collignon’s excellent walkthrough which helped me identify the dumb error I had been making.

The other major frustration this week was connection problems, with one meeting missed and another delayed by unreliable broadband. After six months of running a business from home, it’s easy to take the ability to do so for granted, and this week reminded me how much being able to do that depends on connection. But set against that, the girls are in good homeschooling routines, had interesting calls with colleagues old and new, and a couple of productive discussions with a current client about their strategy. And a sixteen day Peloton streak as of today.