A fairly unremarkable week, split evenly between strategy work for a publishing client, ongoing conversations with publishers for Xigxag, and business development for me. For the latter, I’ve stolen a good idea from Matt Webb and started blocking out times of the week for more speculative calls, which can be booked directly via Calendly. So far it seems to have worked well for people wanting to arrange time with me, and I’ve found that concentrating those conversations at particular times of week has given me longer periods of focus on other days.

I’ve been bad at reading over this new lockdown period, but finished my first book of the year this week: Open, by Johan Norberg, which examines the tension between cooperation and tribalism that has existed throughout human history. Norberg’s view is that progress has come from the historic periods of openness, and his interpretation of the broad sweep of history is particularly welcome at a time of populist nationalism. Besides historical and economic arguments, there are interesting sections on innovation and the creation of the Internet.

The other modest success this week was keeping up my Peloton streak for the year, now at twenty three days.