I’ve done a lot of public speaking over the years, including keynotes and panel appearances at book fairs, conferences and corporate events, and as a guest on podcasts and radio. To add to that, this week I did a live event on Clubhouse for the first time: Xigxag’s founder Kelli had the great idea of using the platform for a virtual book club, discussing Rory Sutherland’s book Alchemy. And it was… really difficult. Much more so than a Zoom call, let alone standing in front of a room full of people. When I first learned to do presentations, I was advised that a way to get over a big audience is to focus on a few people in the audience and present to them. Well, that one doesn’t fly in an audio-only medium. It really brought home how much I normally rely on non-verbal cues from an audience or fellow panel members as I speak. It felt like the longest hour of the week, but it went well, so we’re going to try another bookclub next month. If you’re on Clubhouse, you can find me at my usual username, @walkley.

The rest of the working week was mainly ongoing strategy work for a publishing client, a couple of business development conversations, and publisher discussions for Xigxag. The latest version of the Xigxag app is out, including a couple of new features: a sleep timer, and the ability to gift an audiobook to another person. I wrote a LinkedIn piece about the experience of consulting for an early stage startup and getting used to the pace of feature development, using those features as an example.