Half term this week, and a reminder that time passes strangely in lockdown: individual days seem long, but the weeks go by at speed. With many normal family activities curtailed, the main difference with a typical week was not having to compete for bandwidth with two concurrent sets of homeschooling.

It was a busy and productive week for client work and business development conversations, though without much specific to share here.

In between project work, I had (by accident rather than design) conversations with four other independent consultants this week, discussing projects and exchanging ideas. Watercooler conversations with peers are definitely one of the things I miss from office life, and it’s always interesting to talk to people working in adjacent areas, so I took a lot of energy from catching up with Ant, Emma, Henry and Matt. I also had an opportunity to review a draft of a new section of Tom Critchlow’s book The Strategic Independent. All the people I spoke to this week exemplify intelligence, curiosity and generosity in their willingness to talk about the business. Tom’s book has all of those things, and even in its semi-complete form has been a constant source of inspiration, challenge and good ideas.

This week, I had the happy experience of driving a family member to their Covid vaccination, and at the end of the week I received a placeholder invitation for an in-person meeting a little later in the year—the first of 2021: things may well change, but small positive steps like these were welcome.