This was one of the busiest weeks in recent memory: delivering the strategy workshop referred to in previous notes; progress on two commercial agreements for Xigxag; a couple of calls for a new client; a follow up call with a previous client; two applications submitted for potential future projects; a mentoring session for the Stationers Foundation; and the normal round of homeschooling support.

Having struggled with bandwidth issues since homeschooling started, Thursday was a red letter day as Openreach completed our Fibre to the Premises installation. Our broadband speed improved by a factor of fifteen - just in time for the girls to return to school and the household contention ratio to drop. But it’s great to have it for the longer term. Salisbury is the first city in the UK to have complete FTTP coverage, and as part of the current vogue for ‘levelling up’ and ‘building back better’, good connectivity feels like such a fundamental step for the UK.

Next week is looking a lot quieter, and the girls will be back at school. I suspect it is going to feel very strange.