A satisfactory week, for three reasons.

I made good, visible progress with work for both of my main clients. I find there are some weeks where the work is important but in the background and more individually focused, and others where there’s high engagement, good feedback and outcomes are tangible. This week was the latter. Also both things I was working on moved forward at the rate I hoped.

Secondly, the week brought new things: meeting a publisher I had not spoken to previously and learning more about their business; a conversation with an old friend about a new business venture he is considering, which involved quickly understanding enough of the first principles of an unfamiliar industry to be able to have a conversation; talking to a management team from a completely different sector about innovation and strategy and finding both resonance with my work and inspiration to think differently in some areas; and most significantly an interview and subsequently being offered something which would slightly change my course for the medium term. Lots to think about over the weekend.

Finally, after a really heavy week for screen time and not as much exercise as I’ve been aiming for, it was really nice to finish early on Friday and go for a long walk with a friend and our dogs. The pandemic has really brought home what a privilege it is to have constant access to open space: having a late afternoon beer at the top of Figsbury Ring was a good end to the week.

Currently reading: A Memory Called Empire, The Economics and Financing of Media Companies.