Once again I’m really late posting this, and the note covers two weeks rather than the normal one. I find keeping to a streak quite easy, but if I fall off by even a few days, it’s hard to resume. I’ve had a lot on my mind in this fortnight and so the normal routine of weeknotes fell away. That preoccupation was the result of a high volume of work, including some really positive steps that I hope to be able to write about soon. However, an existing strand of work is reducing in scope, so I also spent a lot of time going through my prospects and pipeline on Trello, updating cashflow forecasts, and catching up with lots of people in my network to identify new opportunities. The good news is that one of the pipeline projects is now under contract and starts next week. On top of all of this activity, I ended up taking a few days off around my birthday.

Having not kept to the normal cadence, I found myself questioning the value of these weeknotes and wondering whether to start again, so I’m grateful to Thad McIllroy for referencing them on a recent call and reassuring me that someone other than me reads them.


I finished reading The Scout Mindset, which I haven’t had an opportunity to write up yet, but definitely recommend. Overall my reading list remains out of control and my birthday added several new items, so the current reading and listening pile stands at: