This week, I:

  • Spent the first three days of the week tying up loose ends before going on vacation on Thursday.
  • Was asked to judge one of the categories for the IPG Independent Publishing Awards, so spent half a day reviewing a very strong set of submissions, and then caught up with Bridget Shine from the IPG and the other judges for the category on Wednesday to agree the shortlist.
  • Attended an online briefing by UWE on RD1, the process of registering my DBA research project and seeking approval to proceed from the Faculty Research Degrees Committee (FRDC), which marks the start of the research phase of the DBA (and starts the clock running towards a formal progression exam eighteen months later). It’s a year or more away, but hearing that three quarters of projects are returned for improvement and that there is only one chance to resubmit underlined that it’s a high stakes thing.