This week, I:

  • Delivered a workshop for a new publishing client: they had agreed a consulting proposal while we were on holiday last week, so I was straight into sorting out the contract, reviewing data and then on the road on Wednesday to spend the day at their office.
  • Had a good meeting with Xigxag and one of its partner publishers.
  • Went through the first stage of the procurement/vendor onboarding process with a prospective corporate client: the VP I’ve been dealing with described it as a corporate colonoscopy, and he wasn’t joking.
  • Marked up the page proofs for the article I’ve written for The Author on the secondhand books market, which will be published next month.
  • Accepted an invitation to the IPG Awards next month, Covid allowing, and decided that there will be enough people there that, for the first time in thirteen months, it’s worth having some business cards printed.
  • Wrote up notes on the journal articles I read on vacation.
  • Read almost nothing new, but started Scott Page’s course on modelling on Coursera, following some advice from my DBA supervisor to look for online courses that would build key skills.
  • Sat through a really good online lecture by Jason Matthews, author of the game Twilight Struggle, discussing the representation of politics in wargames.
  • Had a drink with a friend I hadn’t seen in person since the start of the first lockdown in 2020.