This week I:

  • Spent Tuesday and Wednesday at the Connections UK 2021 virtual conference, which was interesting on many levels. It was the first time I’ve attended a conference run on Discord, but despite a bit of a learning curve I liked it. It was also interesting to experiment with a business wargame played in a 3D environment, run by 4sing. I came away with some promising ideas and lines of enquiry for my DBA research.
  • Had catch-ups with interesting people: an acquaintance at a major tech company on behalf of a publishing client; an old friend and colleague in Australia regarding a genre fiction project; a contact in the corporate world; an acquaintance who is about to publish his first book; and someone considering a new academic publishing venture who also gave me some excellent and kind advice on the doctoral research process.
  • Went to the opening party for my friend David Christie’s new gallery in Salisbury.
  • Kept to a consistent pattern of exercise and felt the benefit in energy levels, but completely fell off my schedule for Coursera.